ISA Ventures' Syndicate is a Midwestern network of accredited investors that:

  • Leverages deal flow from ISA Ventures' full-time staff that are already vetting and filtering hundreds of deals per year
  • Is entirely electronic, fast, and easy for investors
  • Offers angel investor education workshops for potential investors to learn about this rapidly changing asset class, industry trends, and how to invest in it


Syndicate membership costs a modest $750 per year, and includes:

  • 8-10 opportunities to invest per year
  • Notification of portfolio companies raising throughout the year
  • Investor education online and in-person, both live and recorded, on a regular basis
  • VC Office hours for optional 1:1 time with Kevin Bradley on the ISA Ventures team to ask questions or discuss complex topics
  • Investor networking events
  • Monthly email newsletter

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For more information, reach out to Kevin Bradley, Director of Investor Relations, at


Agreeing to become a part of the syndicate network does not obligate you to make an investment in any issuing company.

This communication is not an offer to sell any securities nor a solicitation of an offer to buy. Such offer, if any, is made only pursuant to definitive offering materials of the issuing company. This communication and those of the issuing company may contain “forward-looking statements” and the facts and circumstances on which they are based may be subject to change. A description of risks and related risk factors is provided in the issuer's definitive offering materials.

ISA Ventures Management is not a broker or dealer in any securities. Presentation of investment opportunities is not an investment recommendation or investment advice. Consult your personal legal and investment advisors before any purchase.